Sewing room

Pro Seating has its own industrial sewing room. Our industrial machinery of good quality enable our skilled seamstresses to work flexible and quickly. This means that Pro Seating® is able to offer a wide range of options.

In our sewing room expert seamstresses take care of all of our stitching work, along with other work such as cutting safety belt tape and Velcro to size and heat sealing ends. The stitching work carried out in our sewing room is of outstanding quality and ensures that our products are hard wearing.

Edging and printing
Daily work in the sewing room also includes the edging and printing of neoprene and the attaching of buckles and other fastening systems. Their years of experience mean that no material is too difficult for our staff to handle.

Seating and backrest systems in the color of your choice
Pro Seating® seating and backrest systems can be made in any color you desire. We can even provide you with your own exclusive color combinations. We also offer the option of having your own logo printed onto products.

A short film about our sewing room
This film introduces our industrial sewing room.