Delivery information
Keeping promises is most important to Pro Seating®. That’s why we guarantee a delivery time of five working days after the customer places an order. It is very important to us that your production process is not interrupted.

An order fee and transport charges totalling €15,00,- excl. VAT are charged on orders under €150,- for delivery in the Netherlands. Carriage is paid on orders above this amount. Transport charges and the order fee for deliveries outside of the Netherlands are by agreement.

The greatest possible care is taken when inspecting and packaging our products, inside the custom made boxes with the right label and, if desired, with a bar code specified by the customer.

Return information
All our products are produced, upholstered, checked and packed with the greatest possible care.
If unfortunately something is not to your complete satisfaction, please contact us, we will ensure you that your complaint will be resolved satisfactorily. When there are any complaints please contact us
by phone within 10 working days. Thereafter please fill in the return form below and send it to

Download here our return form.

Pro Seating® is responsible for the reliability of their products for the purpose for which the product
is intended – offering the best possible comfort for people who are disabled.

Pro Seating® gives a warranty of 12 months after delivery date.