CNC cutting technology

Pro Seating® has its own CNC cutter with an advanced software package. This means that the Pro Seating® CNC cutter can read pattern drawings and carry out cutting work quickly and accurately. Feel free to contact us, without any obligation, about the many possibilities we can offer about our CNC cutting technology.

CNC cutter
The CNC cutter of Pro Seating® is very suitable for cutting very long sections of industrial and technical fabrics. Our CNC cutter reads digital drawings of patterns so that there is almost no wastage of materials. It can also cut several layers at once. Anything is possible, in small or large quantities. We work efficiently and therefore guarantee a quick delivery.

Nesting Software
Advanced software combined with our expertise allows us to design digital patterns. This means that Pro Seating® is able to cut materials efficiently and economically, saving on stock costs. In turn, this enables us to offer attractive prices, both for our own products and for those we manufacture for other parties.

A short film about our CNC cutter
This film will provide you with an idea of what Pro Seating® can offer in terms of the CNC cutting of industrial and technical materials.