Quality is a priority at Pro Seating®. Beside quality, flexibility and reliability are our priorities.
We expect this from our suppliers and this is what our customers can expect from us.

Custom made
Our high-tech machinery enable us to supply a variety of custom-made solutions for our clients.
Here you can see our products which we can manufacture within 5 working days, but it is also possible to manufacture custom-made products on request.

Pro Seating® seating and backrest systems can be made in any colour you desire. We can even provide you with your own exclusive colour combinations. We also offer the option of having your own logo printed onto products.

Why Pro Seating®

  • One universal backrest and seating system.
  • Delivery within five working days.
  • Up to 75% discount for suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Products can be made in any colour and your own label.
  • High-quality products that comply with all EU directives governing the safeguarding of safety, health, the environment and consumers.

The Pro Seating® backrest and seating systems are registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as medical devices for rehabilitation purposes. Our products comply with the ISO 7176-19 standard and the ergonomic provisions of the Dutch Code for the Safe Transport of Wheelchair Users (the VVR code). Also the fire safety standards EN 1021-1 (2006) and EN 1021-2 (2006) are applied to our products.

Download our fire resistance certificates here

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Ambla Tinto Nubian

Pro Seating® seating and backrest system crash test
As a manufacturer Pro Seating® takes great responsibility for the products she manufactures.
From this point of view Pro Seating® complies with the ISO 7176-19 standard. The Pro Seating®
seating and backrest system has been subjected to crash testing by the Netherlands Organization
for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in order to guarantee its safety and quality. The test results
show that the Pro Seating® seating and backrest system complies with all the requirements of
the ISO 7176-19 standard. Furthermore, we test all our used materials for fire retardancy and bio- compatibility. Applying the right standards gives a great degree of certainty that the product is safe. That is in the interests of both the manufacturer as the user.