Pro Seating® specialises in seating comfort and manufactures wheelchair cushions, seating and backrest systems for wheelchairs and cushions for medical treatment chairs. We supply an extensive range of top-quality products. All of our products are characterised by their proven quality, high grade and reliability.

Pro Seating® has over 16 years experience in the rehabilitation industry and delivers one universal backrest and seating system including all accessories to wheelchair suppliers and manufacturers. The seating systems can be universally mounted on almost any fixed frame wheelchairs.

Pro Seating® manufactures backrest and seating systems from cold-moulded foam using a production method that was newly developed utilising the technical expertise of Bayer. Moulded foam products are hard wearing and suitable for intensive use. The great advantage of moulded foam is that it has a high specific gravity and keeps its dimensions well. A higher specific gravity guarantees a seating system that will keep its shape over a long lifespan.