About us

Pro Seating® has over 16 years experience in the rehabilitation industry and delivers one universal backrest and seating system including all accessories to wheelchair suppliers and manufacturers.

Innovation is a priority at Pro Seating®. We manufacture backrest and seating systems from cold-moulded foam using a production method that was newly developed utilising the technical expertise
of Bayer.

Logistic advantages
Our seating systems meet every requirement in terms of ergonomics, are attractively priced and are available for delivery within five working days.Our speedy delivery and the universal application of the products bring you benefits in terms of logistics, as you make savings in terms of space, risk and interest. Through having fewer different products in stock, you save on warehousing space and as the backrest and seating systems are of a universal design, you always have the right item in stock.

Why Pro Seating®?

  • Universal backrest and seating system.
  • Delivery within 5 working days.
  • Up to 75% discount for suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Products can be made in any colour and your own label.
  • High-quality products that comply with all EU directives governing the safeguarding of safety,
          health, the environment and consumers.

  • Corporate film
    This corporate film shows our techniques and gives you a good impression about Pro Seating®.